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Marketing is done with a purpose! Build a brand! Help be charitable!

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We learn your industry, your business and align our goals to create a spark. The spark that creates revenue generating opportunities that also deliver repeat customers. You decide how big or small you want to grow and we will handle the rest. Our results speak for themself. 

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10X Your Business Image With Our Strategic Process

How big do you want to scale? There is no such thing as too much business. We want people talking about you every single day. We want to create content that people will not forget. It is time to make it easier and more efficient for customers to do business with you too! Get systems up and running and ring that cash register!

Our Services

Graphic Design

To stand out and impress it is vital to have graphics that stand out. Image is everything so why not create a lasting one?

Reputation Management

Build and manage the reputation of the brand and/or business by developing a strategy to gain great reviews.

Social Media Management

Create powerful content, manage posts that create engagement while building a powerful brand. This includes organic and paid advertising.

Public Relations

Publicity is what creates raving fans. We will get your seen and heard through press release marketing. We also love blogs and content syndication.

Web Design

Design a beautiful website that represents the front of your business making it easy for customers to do business with you.

CRM Consulting

How do you manage the database of prospects and clients? We can create a sales process to help raise revenue.

Email Marketing

Stay in front customers while attracting new ones by keeping the audience up to date of what is going on these days.

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing

Stay relevant to be found when being searched. We have services for both organic and paid advertising.

Video Marketing

Deliver the right message that is clear and effective to engage the public eye through the most powerful form of content, video!

Advertising Budget Management

Keeping costs down and productivity up is the goal of every business. Our partnership looks after the best interest of your business. 

Influencer Marketing

Become the “Go To” solution by becoming the industry leader that everyone else wants to be like. Get interviewed and written about and be the face of it all.

Strategic Consulting

Want to do it all yourself but not sure where to start? Hire us to build your plan and coach your team on how to get it done!

Engage your audience in unique ways

There are so many ways to market a business and build a brand. The most common method is social media and content marketing. It starts with creating goals and setting a strategic plan. Socially Aware Marketing has experts at all levels to lead you into success.

Your audience is curious, convert curiosity into dollars


Followers across all of our clients’ social networks


Generated via social ecommerce conversions


Increased brand awareness resulting in more business

“The secret to marketing success is no secret at all; Word of mouth is all that matters”

Seth Godin

Best Selling Author

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